UCO Faculty Senate Legislation

Successful Resolutions for 2020-2021

UCO Administration Responses to Successful Proposals for 2019-2020

Successful Proposals for 2019-2020

Successful Resolutions for 2019-2020

Successful Proposals for 2018-2019

  • FSP-2018-2019-001: Tenure and Promotion Taskforce Recommendations (2016). This proposal addresses changes approved by the Faculty Handbook Editorial Board and the Faculty Senate Handbook Committee in 2016 but were not voted on at that time.
  • FSP-2018-2019-002: Faculty Representation on University Assessment Committee.
  • FSP-2018-2019-004: Academic Conflict with Commencement.
  • FSP-2018-2019-005: Request to Redesignate a Department as a School, or a School as a Department.
  • FSP-2018-2019-006: Ethical Accountability for UCO Account Access through IT.

Successful Resolutions for 2018-2019

Successful Proposals for 2017-2018

Successful Resolutions for 2017-2018

Proposals for 2015-2016

Resolutions for 2015-2016