State-Wide Advocacy for Higher Education

Faculty Senators are engaged in the UCO community and the community at large. They can be effective advocates for the importance of Higher Education throughout the state. To do so, it isĀ helpful to consider the important work of the following offices and organizations.

Faculty Advisory Council

The Faculty Advisory Council (FAC) to the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education is an elected committee of faculty whose purpose is to “communicate with the Chancellor and the State Regents the views and interests of all Oklahoma college and university faculty on those issues that relate to the constitutional and statutory responsibilities of the State Regents.”
Faculty Advisory Council to the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education

The FAC engages in important work in communicating the need for support of Higher Education in the state. It consists of members elected from the presidents of faculty organizations (i.e. faculty senate presidents) of the research and regional universities, the community colleges and regionally accredited independent colleges and universities in the state of Oklahoma. Faculty Senate presidents from the University of Central Oklahoma have enjoyed a long relationship with and frequent membership on this council. Former Faculty Senate President, Kristi Archuleta, served on FAC until December of 2020 and Senate Past-President, Jennifer Barger-Johnson, began her two-year service in January of 2022.

Public Affairs

The University of Central Oklahoma’s Office of Communication and Public Affairs, under the leadership of Vice President Adrienne Nobles, has numerous tools to enable the UCO community and the state at large to advocate for Higher Education in the state of Oklahoma. In spring of 2020, Laura Butler was named as the Legislative Liaison for UCO.